Welcome to the Berney Arms Web, named after the little known remote location in Norfolk, England which I used to visit often whilst I lived in the nearby town of Great Yarmouth. I've now moved on to Gloucestershire but I still have links with the area and visit whenever possible.

This page was put together to provide some background information on this unique place and the neighouring towns of Great Yarmouth and Gorleston. The site has a slight bias towards transport and local history, particularly that related to railways, and there are extensive photographic collections showing the development of transport links around the Great Yarmouth area as well as extracts from old mapping dating back to the 19th Century. I intend to extend this with more information as I find it.

I would be really interested to get any feedback on the contents of the site and if anyone has additional information I could use then that would be even better. I am interested in anything of a historical nature related to Great Yarmouth or the surrounding area.

Travelling to Berney Arms? - why not take the train?
You can find more details of the rail service to this remote spot at the Wherry Lines website. Berney Arms Web is working in conjunction with the Wherry Lines Community Rail Partnership for improvements to services and facilities at Berney Arms.
You can also check out the Berney Arms Live Departures and Arrivals Board for the latest travel updates.

The sails are back on the windmill
July 30th 2008

Update on Berney Arms Station and the pub (October 2018)

"The current situation with the pub is that it remains closed until further notice, but local efforts to purchase, restore to a working pub are slowly being looked at. The planning authority (The Broads Authority) have refused an application for it to be converted to a dwelling.

Berney Arms Station has new adopters, Mr and Mrs Palmer, who live in nearby Acle and visit the station weekly in the summer and monthly in the winter.

Berney Arms station will be closed from 20th October 2018 until the end of April 2019 to allow for modern signalling to be installed on the rest of the Wherry Lines. Train services that use this route are diverted via Acle to Great Yarmouth to provide the same level of service. Sadly there will be no access to the station during the upgrade works but the Wherry Lines Community Rail Partnership (www.wherrylines.org.uk) are negotiating with the engineering company, who are delivering the project of behalf of Network Rail (Atkins), to place a memorial bench on the station to replace the seat which 'went astray' in 2002. This is currently the only station on the national rail network with no seat!"

We will be updating everyone as soon as the work is complete next year.

Ian Dinmore
Sustainable Travel Plan Officer Community and Environmental Services
Bay 24, 6th Floor County Hall Norwich NR1 2SG

History comes alive when related by its residents and personal recollections are not forgotten. A number of these are available in audio format so you can listen as you browse. In fact, I have tried to portray as much as I can find on many aspects of the history of the area and I intend to extend this to include further historical information as I find it. The present is not forgotten though and I have included many photographs from recent times.

I would be really interested to get any feedback on the contents of the site and if anyone has additional information I could use then that would be even better. When all said and done, this website only scratches the surface of the area's history and I hope to extend it over the coming months and years. I am always interested in anything related to Berney Arms or the area around it and would like to hear from any of its past or present residents. All comments, questions and information are welcome and you can email me directly or leave a message in my Guestbook. For further information on any aspect of Berney Arms then some suggested reading is given on the books page.

Thank you for visiting.

Andy Barton

Unless otherwise identified, all photos and text on this site are the copyright of Andrew Barton. No other copyright has been intentionally violated but if you believe there is good reason to question the appearance of any material then please send me an email explaining the circumstances and I will be glad to remove the item.

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