This site has taken many hours of work, generating the pages and collecting together the material for use. However it has been very enjoyable and I have been much encouraged by the feedback I have had. It has also given me the opportunity to meet, either in person or through letter, phone or email several people who have shared stories, momentos or photographs which have all helped to provide interest. I'd like to thank the following people who have aided me in some way with material or advice without which the site would be much poorer...

Chris Armour for his feedback and photographs.
Joan Bantim for her memories of Beach Station and the newspaper cuttings.
Arnold Blake for sharing his photographs of Breydon Viaduct.
J. Ellington for his many photographs of the line from South Town station and entrusting me with his negatives.
Andrew Fakes for sharing his information and photographs of Yarmouth's railway past.
Robin Hambling for his photographs of old Yarmouth.
Diana Harrold for taking the trouble to write with her stories of Yarmouth's past.
Sheila Hutchinson and her husband Paul for allowing me to use photographs from her book on Berney Arms and for sharing other tales about the locality.
Ray Jones for his photographs of Breydon Viaduct and the Bure Bridge.
Graham Kenworthy for enticing me to join the M&GN Circle, a great source of information.
Richard Kerridge for his memories of the South Town to Beccles line.
Arthur Lark for his fascinating tales of old Yarmouth.
Ann O'Brien for her memories of living at South Town station.
Glenn Purland for his photo of his father in Yarmouth Vauxhall ticket office.
Sydney Rackham for his audio recordings and his storytelling prowess.
Adrian Whittaker for allowing use of photographs from the M&GN Circle archive.
Francis Wicks for his stories of Potter Heigham and the M&GN line to Yarmouth.
Donald and Dennis Wilkins for their momentos, memories and hospitality.