Great Yarmouth Miscellany

This page was put together to hold a collection of pictures from around Great Yarmouth and Gorleston which didn't seem to have any other home. Some are of places that no longer exist, having been lost over the years. Others are of locations that have changed or of situations that were short-lived, my intention being to ensure that events and places are recorded for posterity.
I am always looking for interesting additions for inclusion on this web-site and if anyone has any pictures which might be suitable or any further information on any of the ones below then I would be very pleased to hear details by email.

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    Haven Bridge opens up
On a bright but cold winters day, the Haven bridge opens up for the freighter 'Blackheath'. (December 1st 1985)
    Debenhams - The End
Only the facade remains of Debenhams department store at the junction of Regent Street and King Street. This store, previously Arnolds, has now been converted into a number of small retail units.
(February 23rd 1986)
    Jewsons warehouse
The giant warehouse, previously used by Jewsons, at the junction of Southtown Road and Pasteur Road was demolished and replaced by a "Do-it-All" store and subsequently by a Matalan outlet.
(December 1st 1985)
    Palmers store
This shot shows the old frontage of the Palmers store in the marketplace which happily still trades from the same location. The whole area has also been further pedestrianised around this spot and the seating arrangements have changed somewhat.
(January 12th 1986)
    Washed ashore
Following engine trouble, the freighter "Stern" was grounded on Great Yarmouth south beach near the Wellington pier and was a popular attraction for a short time until it could be refloated.
(March 1986)
    East Anglian School
The old East Anglian school, on Church Road in Gorleston, has since been demolished to be replaced by a new doctors' surgery and housing.
(January 12th 1986)
    Coopers hardware store, Gorleston
Coopers used to have a branch in Gorleston High Street and this shot shows it shortly after shutting up shop for the last time.
(July 24th 1988)
    Cannon Cinema
The 1930s built Cannon cinema, seen here in its last week of operation, has now made way for a new block of shops and an extension to the Market Gates shopping centre. The cinema, originally known as "The Regal" and then the Odeon, had an ideal central location but suffered due to falling attendances in the 1970s and 1980s.
(May 24th 1988)
    Southtown Road
Some of the many warehouses situated along Southtown Road.
(January 12th 1986)
    Wellington Pier
Wellington pier and a deserted beach on a bright autumn day.
(October 16th 1986)