Yarmouth South Town Railway Station

Great Yarmouth's South Town station was originally the terminus of the East Suffolk Railway and had a direct service from London Liverpool Street via Ipswich and Beccles. This line was once the major through route between Great Yarmouth and London, having a regular express passenger service as well as carrying heavy freight traffic. The direct service was curtailed on November 2nd 1959 when the section of line between Yarmouth and Haddiscoe was closed and subsequently some of the trains were diverted via Lowestoft via Gorleston.
The line from South Town to Lowestoft was run by the Norfolk & Suffolk Joint Railway Committee, a shared operation with the Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway. It served the stations of Gorleston North, Gorleston-on-Sea, Gorleston Links Halt, Hopton, Corton, Lowestoft North and terminated at Lowestoft Central. When the London trains were re-routed to Yarmouth Vauxhall in 1962 the line was downgraded and subsequently closed completely to goods on July 3rd 1967 (except for Lowestoft North which shut in November 1967) and to passengers on May 4th 1970.

"YARMOUTH SOUTH TOWN: MOVEMENT OF TRUCKS BY HORSE OR TRACTOR BETWEEN THE PASSENGERS AND GOODS STATIONS. In moving a wagon or wagons across the public road between the Passenger and Goods stations, the horse, or horses, must not be attached to the side of the wagon, or wagons, but must in all cases be attached in front so that persons passing along the road may see the whole operation. A competent man, with a red flag by day and a red light by night, is to be in attendance to warn the public in all cases when wagons are about to be removed across the road. Shunting wagons BY ENGINE across the above public road is strictly prohibited." (LNER General Appendix to the Rules and Regulations and Working Timetables with Sectional Appendix for Southern Area, 1st November 1947, p169)

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Station platforms
With only two years left before closure the station looks a far cry from when it was the main destination for expresses from London.
(February 10th 1968 - Ellington)


South Town arrival
A train stands at the arrivals platform with its front portion under the all over roof.
(September 12th 1950 - Andrew Barton Collection)


Station nameboard
A view across the platforms showing the enamelled nameboard dating from LNER days.
(February 10th 1968 - Ellington)

    Station nameboard 42 years after closure
The station nameboard is still in existence in 2012 after being discovered attached to an overgrown garden fence in Norwich. This sign is actually up for auction in Stafford on 12th January 2013 (see http://www.ukrailwayana.com)
(November 18th 2012 - Andrew Barton)
    Yarmouth South Town station near the end
Yarmouth South Town has taken on an overgrown and neglected appearance in the mid 1960s. Its days are numbered.
(mid 1960s - Copyright Geoffrey Smith)
    Yarmouth South Town signalbox
Yarmouth South Town signalbox displays its utilitarian appearance.
(May 15th 1947 - Andrew Barton Collection)
    Yarmouth South Town signalbox
Yarmouth South Town signalbox in later days.
(February 10th 1968 - Ellington)
    Yarmouth South Town station
Yarmouth South Town station showing the all over roof.