Yarmouth Railway Characters

Recollections of Sydney Rackham

Transcribed from a recorded interview (March 2001)

There are other characters that loomed large on the scene, railway-wise, at South Town station. There was a father and son tradition too, there was quite a bit of that. There was two guards on the railway, father and son, their names Wilson, and for some unknown reason, I know not now or else I've forgotten, the father was always called Peggy Wilson. He was a rather large rotund gentleman with a very red face, but they were another two characters that were part of the complement of South Town station.

Another railwayman who deserves a mention I suppose is the man who used to walk in front of the train along South Quay and North Quay when the railway line ran straight through to Vauxhall station yard. It ran the full length of both quays and then over the suspension bridge that served both as a road and rail link to Vauxhall station and a pedestrian path as well.

Now he had to walk in front of the train at a snail's pace with a red flag and he was a very tall, thin man, another man of few words, a very solemn, slow speaking person.