Gorleston-on-Sea Railway Station

Opening on July 13th 1913, Gorleston-on-Sea station was the major intermediate station on the Norfolk & Suffolk Joint Railway route between Yarmouth South Town and Lowestoft Central. The station buildings included a large brick goods shed, signalbox, footbridge and an extensive coal depot.
Following the closure of the Beccles to Yarmouth South Town line to passengers in November 1959, London expresses to Great Yarmouth were re-routed via Lowestoft where they reversed, before running along the coast line through Corton, Hopton and Gorleston-on-Sea. However this diversion did not last long before some of the London trains were again re-routed into Yarmouth Vauxhall. In 1966 all stations on the Lowestoft-Yarmouth South Town line were made into unstaffed halts and finally after a lifespan of almost 57 years Gorleston-on-Sea station closed on May 2nd 1970 along with all other stations on the route except Lowestoft Central.
Click on the following link to see a map of the Gorleston-on-Sea station site in 1927 (150Kb file).

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    Gorleston-on-Sea station
Viewed from the end of the Yarmouth platform, a Lowestoft bound DMU can be seen on the opposite track. The bridge carrying Lowestoft Road can also be made out in the background. A closer view of this bridge can be seen in the Gorleston Relief Road section.
(September 1962 - Ted Tuddenham, courtesy P.J.Power & M&GN Circle, M&GNC copyright)
    Gorleston-on-Sea departure
B1 locomotive 61254 departs from Gorleston-on-Sea station.
(1960 - Geoffrey Smith)
    Gorleston-on-Sea station
Not a particularly good picture but nevertheless it shows the extent of the station although following removal of one of the tracks in February 1968 the original platform for Yarmouth is unused. The footbridge, now redundant, can also be seen in the background.
(March 24th 1968 - Ellington)
    Gorleston-on-Sea signalbox
The signalbox at Gorleston-on-Sea was of Great Eastern design.
(1960 - Geoffrey Smith)
    Gorleston-on-Sea signalbox before demolition
This view of the signalbox was taken just a few weeks before its demolition.
(February 10th 1968 - Ellington)
    Signalbox demolition
Just a few weeks later the old signalbox is almost unrecognisable following partial demolition. It makes a sorry sight when compared with the previous picture.
(March 17th 1968 - Ellington)
    Removal of cross-over points
Framed by the footbridge at Gorleston-on-Sea station the process of lifting the cross-over points continues under watchful eyes.
(March 17th 1968 - Ellington)
Assisting the removal of the cross-over points, D5663 waits patiently.
(March 17th 1968 - Ellington)

Removal of footbridge
The steam crane continues with the task of lifting the spans of the old footbridge at Gorleston-on-Sea less than two years before the station's final closure.
(October 20th 1968 - Ellington)

    Gorleston-on-Sea goods yard
The goods depot at Gorleston-on-Sea shows signs of complete desolation after termination of all freight facilities in July 1967.
(March 24th 1968 - Ellington)

Track removal near Gorleston-on-Sea station
Just north of Gorleston-on-Sea station, the track removal train completes its work of lifting one of the two lines. The bridge carrying Lowestoft Road traffic over the railway can be seen in the baclkground.
(March 14th 1968 - Ellington)