Yarmouth Newtown Halt

Yarmouth Newtown Halt, the next stop along the M&GN line from Yarmouth Beach Station, opened for the 1933 holiday season along with other halts at Caister Camp, California, Scratby, Little Ormesby, Potter Heigham Bridge and Sutton Staithe (Little Ormesby and Sutton Staithe did not reopen in 1934). It was situated to the north side of Salisbury Road in Great Yarmouth close to a large number of Bed and Breakfast lodgings which were extremely popular with visitors to the town in the 1930's through to the late 1950's. It also served another functional purpose in that it was very close to Great Yarmouth High School and was the stopping point for many school children from outlying villages.

The holiday halts closed during the war years as an economy measure but reopened after the end of hostilities to once again cater for the increasing holiday trade, looking for a bit of fun and relaxation after a gloomy period. The fifties saw large numbers of passengers at most of the halts but as they drew to a close, the increasing numbers of private cars and competition from buses helped to finish off this line and Yarmouth Newtown Halt, along with the majority of the M&GN system closed on February 28th 1959.

Little evidence remains of this halt although the trackbed is still in place and can be walked for a short section to the north towards the racecourse under the bridges carrying Barnard Avenue and Jellicoe Road. Present day visitors to the town probably wonder what purpose these bridges serve, not realising that in the not so distant past they overlooked the arrival (and departure) of packed express trains from the industrial Midlands.

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Yarmouth Newtown Halt
In its last two weeks of operation this is the view facing south towards Yarmouth Beach station with the Salisbury Road signalbox and low height single platform visible on the left.
(February 11th 1959 - Keith Ladbury, courtesy M.L.Storey-Smith & M&GN Circle, KAL copyright)

    Yarmouth Newtown Halt just after closure
One month after closing, the halt retains its infrastructure but it wasn't very long afterwards that the track and other signs of existence were ripped up as the rush to remove the railway proceeded.
(March 27th 1959 - John Dean, courtesy M&GN Circle, M&GNC copyright)

Yarmouth Newtown Halt site
Looking north from Salisbury Road, this is the site of Yarmouth Newtown Halt, now used as a car park by local residents. At least the trackbed is still in existence and can be walked as far as the racecourse. The Barnard Avenue bridge can just be made out in the background.
(January 20th 2001)