The Royal Train at Yarmouth Vauxhall Station

In August 1985, Great Yarmouth received a visit from Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh. They arrived by train at Yarmouth Vauxhall station, visited the town and were then taken to Lowestoft by car where after further visits, they rejoined the train which had run around via Reedham.

The train was stabled for a while at Yarmouth Vauxhall, under close guard of course, although it was possible to get up close to it.

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    Arrival of the Royal Train
The Royal Train approaches Great Yarmouth after its journey across the marshes. Breydon Water can be seen in the background. (August 1985 - Ellington)
    Entering the station
The Royal Train slows as it enters the curve at the entrance to Yarmouth Vauxhall station. It is just about to pass the construction site for the new bridge which will carry the relief road over the railway lines.
(August 1985 - Ellington)
    Not the typical visitor to Yarmouth
The Royal Train fills almost the complete length of the platform as it waits at Yarmouth before continuing to Lowestoft. (August 1985 - Ellington)
    Royal DMU
A Norwich bound DMU waits alongside its Royal cousin as traffic continues as normal. (August 1985 - Ellington)
    Tail-end view
The rear of the Royal Train can be seen in this shot which also demonstrates its length as it waits at one of the platforms. (August 1985 - Ellington)
    Under Guard
Policemen patrol the length of the Royal Train while the engine runs around. (August 1985 - Ellington)
    "James Nightall GC"
A highly polished engine, 47579, James Nightall GC, rests at Yarmouth Vauxhall before continuing to Lowestoft. James Nightall was a fireman with the LNER who won the George Cross posthumously in 1944 while pulling a burning amunition train clear of Soham station.
(August 1985 - Ellington)