Construction of the Great Yarmouth and Gorleston Relief Road

The two major road routes into the town are the A47 from Norwich and the A12 from Lowestoft. The A47, in particular, carries extensive holiday traffic in the summer months in addition to freight road haulage. The last 8 miles from Acle, the notorious "Acle Straight" is single carriageway and has been the subject of a road-widening campaign for at least 20 years. If only this last stretch could be upgraded then it might bring greater prosperity to the town.
However one road which has brought benefit to the town in the last 15 years is the Gorleston inner relief road which follows the route of the old Yarmouth Beach/Yarmouth Southtown railway line to Lowestoft from where it crossed the A47 to a point on the A12 near the junction with Lowestoft Road. This road included a new lifting bridge on the site of the M&GN girder bridge over Breydon Water, new bridges over Burgh Road and Beccles Road and bridge widening where the road goes under Church Lane and Middleton Road. The old site of Gorleston-on-Sea railway station is now a large roundabout, all traces of its original use having disappeared.

Route Description
  Vauxhall Station - Breydon Bridge  
  Breydon Bridge construction  
  Breydon Bridge - Beccles Road  
  Beccles Road - Lowestoft Road  
  Lowestoft Road - Middleton Road junction