Yarmouth Vauxhall Railway Station
Yarmouth Vauxhall Station with disused freight yard to the right (August 2nd 1985)

Great Yarmouth's Vauxhall Station was built as the terminus of Norfolk's first railway, the Yarmouth and Norwich, which opened via Reedham in May 1844. In addition to Reedham this line serves Berney Arms and Cantley before joining with Yarmouth's alternate route to Norwich at Brundall. This second route, which serves Acle and Lingwood, was opened by the Great Eastern Railway in 1883. Yarmouth Vauxhall is now the sole surviving station of what was once a well-provided for holiday resort and caters for local Norwich trains in addition to some direct services to London and further afield.
Yarmouth Vauxhall was damaged in the Second World War and rebuilt in 1960. The station, with its long curving platforms designed to cater for the holiday traffic during the summer months, was adjoined by extensive freight sidings. In addition there was a large brick Great Eastern engine shed which, apart from being home to the Norwich line's engines, was also used to house the tramway engines which rattled over the Bure bridge to pick up freight from the quays. The engine shed closed in 1959 but could still be seen up until 1988 when it was demolished to make way for the Asda supermarket.
Further pictures of Yarmouth Vauxhall Station can be seen in the section devoted to the visit by the Royal Train in August 1985.

"YARMOUTH VAUXHALL: WORKING TO AND FROM INCLINE LEADING TO TRAMWAYS OVER THE RIVER BURE BRIDGE. Two scotches, each fitted with a padlock and key are provided on the incline leading to or from the Station Yard and the crown of the bridge over the River Bure, and these scotches must always be kept locked across the rails, except during the time that an engine or wagons are required to be moved either Up or Down the incline." (LNER General Appendix to the Rules and Regulations and Working Timetables with Sectional Appendix for Southern Area, 1st November 1947, p170)

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    Yarmouth Vauxhall signalbox and station
View of the station and signalbox from the new bypass showing the curving platforms and covered waiting area.
(December 29th 1987)
    Yarmouth Vauxhall ticket office
Leslie Purland serving a customer in the refurbished Yarmouth Vauxhall Ticket Office.
(July 11th 1961 - courtesy Glenn Purland)
    Vauxhall Station B1
B1 locomotoive 61204 rests in Yarmouth Vauxhall yard.
(1961 - Copyright Geoffrey Smith)
    Vauxhall Station carriages
Goods trolleys and carriages in Yarmouth Vauxhall yard.
(Mid 1960s - Copyright Geoffrey Smith)
    Vauxhall Station carriages and loading gauge
Another view of carriages along with a brake van and loading gauge at Yarmouth Vauxhall goods yard.
(Mid 1960s - Copyright Geoffrey Smith)
    Vauxhall Station aerial view
This view shows Yarmouth Vauxhall Station at the bottom of the picture together with the disused goods yard on which the Asda supermarket now stands. Also visible on the right is the formation of the new relief road and the Breydon bridge which is in the course of construction.
(1984 - Copyright Mike Page)
    Engine shed entrance
The disused Great Eastern engine shed stands on the site of the present day Asda supermarket. The shed dated from 1883 and was built at a cost of £4143. The new Breydon cantilever bridge, as yet unopened to traffic, can be seen in the background.
(August 2nd 1985)
    Engine shed (North side)
Another view of the engine shed, this time from the north side, shows the large brick housing at the eastern end on which the iron water tank was mounted.
(January 12th 1986)
    Interior view of the G.E engine shed
The lengthy two road building housed ten or so engines including the tramway engines which worked the fish traffic from the quays. The shed closed for the last time on January 5th 1959.
(January 12th 1986)
    Condemned carriages
The decline of the yard. Abandoned coaches stand in Vauxhall yard, with the engine shed in the background. This was all soon swept away for the present day superstore to be built.
(August 2nd 1985)
    Vauxhall yard
The run down state of Vauxhall yard can clearly be seen in this view.
(December 1st 1985)
    Carriage platforms
The running platforms situated beyond the passenger platforms at the western end of the station were often used to store spare coaches.
(January 12th 1986)
    Freight yard
Another view of the freight yard. One of the old crossing gates can also be seen.
(December 29th 1987)
    Vauxhall Station refurbishment
As can be seen in this view, Anglia Railways have refurbished Vauxhall Station, especially important for greeting visitors to the town.
(August 11th 2001)
    Holidaymakers arrive at Yarmouth
A Central Trains excursion from the Midlands arrives at Vauxhall Station on a busy summer afternoon bringing with it crowds of visitors for their summer holiday.
(August 11th 2001)