Section 1: Vauxhall Station - Breydon Bridge

Work started on this section during late 1984 with the first stretch covering the need to bridge the railway to Yarmouth Vauxhall station which needed to be done without interrupting rail traffic. Separate spans were used for the rail lines and for the access road to the pipe storage depot on the edge of Breydon Water. Initially the main A47 was diverted to the north to allow the embankment to be built up but on completion of that the traffic was allowed up on to the new road although at that time there was no access over the new Breydon bridge as it hadn't been completed.
Throughout the whole period Yarmouth Vauxhall signalbox continued to direct the passage of trains although it was completely surrounded by construction works.

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    The building begins
On a very cold and grey winter day the beginnings of the new link road can be seen in this shot showing the small span covering the dirt track alongside the railway.
(January 20th 1985)
    View South
Looking south towards the new bridge the new concrete span can again be seen along with some of the earthworks which are under construction.
(January 20th 1985)
    Bridging the railway
The span over the minor road track is in place but that over the railway is awaited. The northern end of the embankment is also not built.
(August 2nd 1985)
    Polystyrene road
Polystyrene block supports for the northern end of the bypass are laid to spread the weight of the road without major engineering.
(November 10th 1985)
    Rail bridge
The bridge span over the railway nears completion. Also seen again in this view are the polystyrene blocks under the roadway.
(December 1st 1985)
    A47 link-up
A wider view showing how the new bypass bridge impacts the view of the line from the signalbox. The new course of the A47 is also being laid out for the stretch of road up to the roundabout near the bridge.
(December 1st 1985)
    Progress continues apace
The drains for the A47 road have been laid and it awaits surfacing. The bridge over the railway is complete and just needs the shuttering removed.
(January 12th 1986)
    Almost complete
Just 6 weeks after the previous shot, the road and bridge near completion. Barriers have been erected and the embankments contoured. Work still continues on the roundabout in the distance.
(February 23rd 1986)
    Ready to go
Taken from the new roundabout, the section of road to the Breydon bridge is complete and just awaits tidying.
(February 23rd 1986)
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