Section 5: Lowestoft Road - Middleton Road junction

This short stretch of the road was, and still is, one of the busiest. The large roundabout linking Victoria Road, Middleton Road and the new dual-carriageway heading towards Great Yarmouth was once the site of Gorleston-on-Sea station. For many years after the station closed in 1970 the area was grassed over and was a favourite childrens' playground and dog-walking territory. When the new road was built Lowestoft Road was effectively cut in half at this point due to removal of the old rail bridge although a linking footbridge was provided for walkers. The original roundabout at the point where Middleton Road joins the A12 was also moved following demolition of a petrol station which occupied part of the site.

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    Gorleston-on-Sea station?
The site of the old station, closed to trains in 1970, provides an ideal location for a leisurely walk prior to its new use as a major roundabout on the new road. Lowestoft Road bridge can be seen in the background.
(December 1st 1985)
    Where's the grass gone?
Construction starts on the new road to the east of Lowestoft Road.
(May 28th 1991)

    Platform evidence
During the excavations for the new road, part of the original platform of Gorleston-on-Sea station surfaced for the first time in over 15 years.
(July 27th 1991)

    Clearing the way
Demolition begins on the petrol station that used to be situated next to the roundabout at the junction of Middleton Road and Lowestoft Road.
(July 27th 1991)
    New footbridge
The new footbridge allowing access between Victoria Road and the southern section of Lowestoft Road is seen in place early on in the new construction.
(November 3rd 1991)
    Permanent structure
Another view of the footbridge and support walls looking across towards Victoria Road.
(November 3rd 1991)
    Bridge on borrowed time
The old Lowestoft Road bridge remains in place in this view taken from the new footbridge.
(April 5th 1992)
    Road closed
The Pertwee & Back site next to the Lowestoft Road bridge accommodates necessary road alterations.
(April 5th 1992)
    Station roundabout
Looking south-east at the site of Gorleston-on-Sea station the new roundabout can be seen taking shape.
(April 5th 1992)
    Ready to go
A year and a half on and the road is almost ready to open. The embankments are green and well established and the signs are up.
(September 1993)
    Tidying up
The approach paths to the footbridge off Victoria Road are nearly finished.
(September 1993)
The finished state of the new dual-carriageway close to the site of the original bridge over Lowestoft Road.
(September 1993)
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