Section 3: Breydon Bridge - Beccles Road

Construction of the stretch of road south of the Harfreys estate roundabout did not begin until mid 1991, some years after the northern section. As with all the route it followed the line of the old Norfolk and Suffolk Joint Railway and this section required new bridges over Burgh Road and Beccles Road. The rail bridges over both of these roads had been removed during the 1970s. Before construction began it was necessary to perform compulsory purchases on several properties close to the course of the route, particularly around the Beccles Road junction.

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    Bypass over Breydon
View looking north along the new bypass section towards the Breydon cantilever bridge, as yet unopened to traffic. No barriers are in place and the embankments need contouring and completion.
(December 1st 1985)
    Railway embankment
Part of the old railway embankment close to the current bridge over Burgh Road can be seen in this view. This location is close to the site of Gorleston North railway station. It is topped by an old pill box dating from the last war.
(December 1st 1985)

    Where have all the trains gone?
The remains of one of the old railway bridges on the course of the new road, again close to Burgh Road.
(December 1st 1985)

    Vacated premises
As the old railway embankment nears Beccles Road, one of the houses earmarked for demolition awaits its fate.
(May 5th 1991)

    Original entrance to Shrublands Way
Prior to the current bypass bridge over Beccles Road, the area was somewhat quieter as can be seen in this view looking south.
(May 5th 1991)
    No-one home!
Yet another house awaits demolition, this time one on Beccles Road near to where the new course of Shrublands way is situated.
(May 5th 1991)
    Demolition starts
The old house is now a shell of its former self.
(May 26th 1991)
    Bridge construction begins
Another view near the old entrance to Shrublands Way, this time showing the construction work taking place on the new bridge supports.
(November 24th 1991)
    Bridge support
The eastern support for the bridge is up.
(November 24th 1991)
    Bridge foundations
Looking west across Beccles Road the flat nature of the landscape prior to the bridge being in place can easily be seen.
(November 24th 1991)
    Bridge span in place
On a cold winter's day the steel girders supporting the bridge deck are lowered into place over Beccles Road.
(December 7th 1991)
    Almost ready to open
The new Beccles Road bridge is complete and the road awaits final tidying before opening to traffic.
(September 1993)
    Cosmetic touches
Planting and terracing takes place on the northern side of the Beccles Road bridge just prior to opening.
(September 1993)
    Burgh Road bridge
Looking similar in appearance to the one over Beccles Road, the bridge over Burgh Road is also completed.
(September 1993)
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