M&GN Tour: Caister Camp Halt - Martham

The Yarmouth and Stalham Light Railway was extended from Great Ormesby to Hemsby in May 1878 and then to Martham two months later. For a short period the section on to Martham was a separate line as no authority was granted to cross the road at Hemsby. The Martham section was therefore served by a temporary station until the necessary approval was given in July 1879 after which the lines were linked. Hemsby station became very popular due to the large holiday camp on Beach road and was frequently very crowded on summer weekends.

Martham station was previously known as "Martham for Rollesby" and was centrally located in comparison with many other stations on the M&GNJR. Scratby and California Halts opened in July 1933 together with a further halt at Little Ormesby which was not well patronised and closed after a single season.

Other route sections:

Yarmouth Beach - Caister Camp Halt
Martham - Catfield
Catfield - Honing
Honing - North Walsham