M&GN Tour: Martham - Catfield

From Martham the line headed North-West towards the River Thurne which it crossed on a three span lattice girder bridge at the north end of which was Potter Heigham Bridge Halt. The halt opened in 1933 to serve the boating traffic on the river as it was more conveniently located than Potter Heigham Station which opened earlier in 1880. The main station had two platforms, a signalbox, waiting shelter and sidings serving coal allotments and cattle pen. This station was right in the centre of Broadland and trains were timed to fit in with boat trips from the nearby Herbert Woods yard.

North-west of Potter Heigham, Catfield station was a somewhat remote station, located a little way from the village centre. Once again, in common with many rural stations it had sidings to serve the farming community.

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