M&GN Tour: Yarmouth Beach - Caister Camp Halt

Construction on the 22 mile Yarmouth and Stalham Light Railway started in 1876 and the line opened in stages starting with the Yarmouth to Great Ormesby section on August 7th 1877. At that time the line was isolated from the rest of the railway system and the two initial locomotives had to be dragged by horses to Yarmouth Beach in May 1877. Another two engines arrived in September the same year and in March 1878.

In 1883 the Y&SLR became part of the Eastern & Midlands Railway which itself was short-lived being taken over by the M&GN in 1893. In 1903 Yarmouth Beach station was extended from one platform to three to handle the additional holiday traffic.

Yarmouth Newtown Halt opened on July 17th 1933 to serve the large number of bed and breakfast and guesthouse establishments in the locality. In the same year Caister Camp Halt opened to cater for visitors to the holiday camps in the area.

Other route sections:

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