M&GN Tour: Catfield - Honing

North of Catfield the line ran to Stalham which opened on July 3rd 1880 when it was connected with Yarmouth Beach. At one time this station was known as "Stalham for Happisburgh & Palling on Sea". In the early days six trains each way were provided between Yarmouth and Stalham except for Sundays when the number was reduced to three.

After Stalham the line ran dead straight as far as East Ruston before veering to the west after which it reached Honing Station. This station was opened for the first time in 1882 although the extension from Stalham to North Walsham was opened on June 13th 1881. Honing station was originally known as "Honing for Worstead" and although originally on a single track, it became a crossing station on June 23rd 1901.

Other route sections:

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Caister Camp Halt - Martham
Martham - Catfield
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